There’s no place like home…

I got back from a work trip to San Antonio yesterday. I was gone from Wednesday to Saturday, so that means I ate out for three days.  Needless to say, I’m so happy to be home and have my home cooked meals.  I really enjoy being in control more of what goes on my plate and in my body. I did the best I could while we were at restaurants to order the most fresh and “paleo friendly” items on the menu, but sometimes that’s still not the greatest choice.  I could feel it in my body, I was a little sluggish and just not feeling 100%.  So, I am so happy to be home and eating my own food.


yesterday for dinner, Sam grilled steaks!! We had steamed broccoli and split a sweet potato, yummy.  Tonight for dinner, we are having these Mediterranean chicken kebabs on a salad of mixed veggies..check it out In the link above.

the rest of the week we are having pulled pork, burgers and coleslaw, and salads. 

Getting back to the basics of real, simple, delicious food.  🙂



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