I’m Baaa-aaack….

Hello!! Sorry for the lack of posts.  We have had a very busy past two weeks.  With out of town guests and the Rodeo Cookoff, our schedules have changed a bit and I’ve been slacking in a few areas, my blog being one, so please, forgive me.  :). 

I just wanted to share with you a little something I came up with in the kitchen.  It was one of those “breakfast for dinner” kind of nights (LOVE!!!) and I had a craving for something a little heartier than fried eggs and bacon.  So I opened my refrigerator and got to thinking… I had quinoa left over from the night before and that’s when it hit me. Make a quinoa “potato” pancake.  So what I did was the following…

Took about 1 cup of cooked quinoa.

1 egg.

approximately 3 tbspns of sour cream.

approximately 3 tbspns almond flour.

pinch of salt and pepper.

Instructions:  beat the egg then add all the ingredients and mix well.  It had a slight “gooey” texture. Then take a heaping spoonful into the pan (I greased it with bacon grease)  and let it sit for about 4 mins on med-high heat, then flip it and do the same for other side.   This made 4 quinoa patties.  They were good!!  I had them with a couple pieces of bacon and a little bit of all natural ketchup.  It is a quick and easy make!!

try it!!

I’ll be back soon with our menu. Tonight is chili night. 



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