What’s the point?

Why did we create this blog?  Well here’s the scoop…


Over the past year, we have been learning and living a Paleo lifestyle.  Through out this time, we have been asked many questions ranging from “how do you NOT crave pasta!?” to “what DO you eat?”   We decided to create this blog as a place where you can come, at your own leisure, to get some answers.  


Here, you can find recipes, stories, and information about the Paleo lifestyle.  We strongly encourage everyone to educate themselves on food and health.  Not just healthy on the outside (because even the skinniest of skinny can be very unhealthy) but truly healthy from the inside out.


We are all only on this Earth one time.  We are only given one shot at it.  So, we choose to live it in the most healthy and happy way possible.  Imagine not waking up exhausted every morning, feeling sluggish throughout the day, and unfulfilled with your hunger.  It is possible.  We are living proof. 


Give it a shot.  We guarantee you will feel the benefits.


Enjoy! 🙂



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